Jain Makeba Music Video

We’re proud to be part of the team that helped realise Jain’s incredibly creative and visionary music video, Makeba, which has become an internet sensation.

A big thank you to Art Bridge, Greg & Lio, Sony and Jain for allowing us to be part of this special project.

Chanel Dive

Wink Films had the privilege of collaborating with Chanel, Psycho Paris, director Jacob Sutton, and DOP Benoit Delhomme, on three commercials for Chanel Allure Homme Sport.

The success of the Chanel commercials is largely attributable to the selection of the perfect locations. A competitive global scouting endeavor ended in South Africa, following a comprehensive and insightful proposal set forth by the Wink team. The first film Dive saw Olympian dive champion, Hugo Parisi, plummet twelve meters from a cliff into a turbulent Indian Ocean – extremely dangerous, and highly thrilling.

Chanel Slide

Slide was no exception: Helicopters, drones, boats, multiple-cameras, Phantoms, a Russian Arm, skateboard-rigs, and helmets. Director Jacob Sutton said, “I was lucky to have all the toys on this project, it was a real boy’s dream”. The girls weren’t disappointed either with the inclusion of the gorgeous Adam Crigler in the cast. Adding to what was already a groundbreaking project was the 360-degree user experience. A first for South Africa, and executed in some style by the talented VFX Supervisor James Senade – hope you enjoy being part of our shoot!
Check out the 360s here.

Chanel Glide

The final installment Glide was less about the adrenaline and more about portraying the journey of a man, a horse, and the environment. Filming took place at two beautiful beaches along the False Bay coastline in the Western Cape, and around the arid Cederberg Mountains. With no amenities in the area, we set up tented camps that provided a true sense of community. The action followed two world-class heroes, Luke Grimes (yes, from 50 Shades of Grey) as well as the incredible Fluffy, our beautiful equestrian hero. In the constant drive for perfection it is easy to see why Chanel is a world-leading brand; we are grateful for the experience and very proud of the final product.


The latest Pasquier spot gives us a taste of their delivery truck’s journey, and everything about it is delicious. The beautiful aerial cinematography captures the process of baking as it is displayed digitally on the truck’s side. From country highways to dreamy coastal paths, the journey eventually concludes with freshly baked goods in the city. We’re just happy to have had the leftover brioche bread – so good! Thank you, Pasquier, and thank you to the scenic Western Cape roads.


Wink teamed up with comedic director JJ Keith on the new Coop commercial. And no-one would have guessed that flying barbecues were on the horizon. Although a lot of post production work was required, the six-day shoot saw real grills, rigged with wires on cranes, soar through the sky – what a time to be alive!

3 Suisses Office

Wink had the pleasure of working with British director, Justin Anderson on these commercials, well -known for his fashion work and collaborations with the greats like Giorgio Armani and Jonathan Saunders to name-drop but a few.

Budgets may have been tighter than an Armani project but Wink and French Production Company, Room Service were still able to meet the brand’s vision and make something quirky and sexy while still meeting the sophistication and visual flair a fashion commercial requires.

Shy'M La Malice

Shy M’s latest Video shot in the sandunes at Atlantis and the shores of Theewatersklof dam. Shy’M and her tribe get captured by the forces of evil. They take them on a long and arduous journey through the desert.
Eventually they become free and she bathes in the cleansing waters of the lake with the children.

Samsung More More More

A series of 3 commercials for Annex Films and Spreading Jam.
These Films were beautifully Directed by Sebastian Petretti and Produced by Hans Elias.
The comedy scripts are to show that various Samsung appliances offer more features than their opposition in the market.
When talent and amusing locations are skilfully brought together, the resulting campaign is full of humour.

Outsurance Noordhoek

Noordhoeks majestic mountain top scenery is viewed at its very best by the incredible use of aerial filming under the capable hands of world class helicopter Pilot Gert Uys. Mother Nature threw in some spectacular gale force winds during this three day shoot which resulted in some hair raising adrenalin pumping moments for the team both in the air and on land, fortunately though Outsurance was not “gone with the wind.”

Outsurance Sutherland

The concept of using existing long term Outsurance clients gives this commercial a personal touch. Directed by the rather brilliant Bryan Cawood and fabulous DOP Gary Phillips, both from Australia, mate and shot in the beautiful town of Sutherland, surrounded by the largest telescope in the southern hemisphere, home to the South African Astronomical Observatory and clear open skies, you literally will leave with stars in your eyes.


Middle Eastern viewers are sure to get inspired by Nescafe’s latest commercial which was shot in Cosmopolitan Cape Town, from sunset rooftops to National Park mountain tops, to no rooftops at all @ the abandoned cement factory , this three day shoot combined the talents of amazing German director Jan Wentz and the experience of British DOP Stuart Graham. Sit back, relax and enjoy every sip.

Heinz Hum

Wink brings it home with their TV production for Heinz, which was the only South African produced commercial for the Super Bowl XL VIII. The job was awarded through Recommended Media and Wink had the privilege of working alongside agency Cramer-Krasselt and shooting with Los Angeles-based director, Chris Woods, and expat DOP, James Gardner. Amidst the hype “and tight deadlines” in the build up to one of the World’s biggest sporting events, the team were unwavering in delivering a smooth and focused production service across multiple locations in Cape Town.

Peugeot 4008

The Peugeot 4008 “Distinctive Toughness” TVC, serviced by Wink Films and directed by Paranoid’s Thierry Poiraud is a prime example of what great creative direction and post production can do. Aside from shoes, belts and buckles coming to life, this spot features a variety of beautiful locations that only Cape Town can offer.

The OUTsurance Revolution

Wink has recently produced the new TVC for OUTsurance, directed by Bryan Cawood, to introduce their new “revolutionary” take on Life Insurance. Not only did this production prove to be a time challenging shoot, incorporating more than 40 locations shot in 4 days, it required talent and crew to work on the move, literally. Accompanied by a great soundtrack called “Time” from previous M-Net Idols finalist Mark Haze, this spot has proved to be a huge success.


What do vestal virgins and yoghurt have in common? The answer is quite a lot when Haibun, Havas Worldwide and Muller get together to create their new campaign.
Directed by Sebastein Grousset, the film portrays beautiful vestal virgins, dressed in flowing white dresses and standing in lush green meadows. As they each open a different yoghurt pot, we are exposed to the many different flavours available in the Muller range. Each flavour is represented by a stunning male model, each of a different ethnicity. A very fashionable and stylish approach to advertising yoghurt and so very Italian.

Orange - Being There

The ambitious new Orange spot is directed by award-winning director, Drake Doremus, (Grand Prix Jury, Sundance Festival 2011) and the music is a reinterpretation of legendary fan anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone” performed by Nigerian singer, KUKU. The film is a celebration of the fact that for true fans their love of football means no distance is too far, no hardship is too difficult and no sacrifice is too great.

wink gets technical on Youi for director Bryan Cawood, Australia

wink has recently completed Youi; a technically challenging shoot incorporating shooting with 2 X Red Epics mounted in tandem with a 3D rig to bridge the divide between tight and wide. As it was a one take commercial on a 50 meter track running at full pace with the camera needing to find each piece of action, lock into it and move into the close up, this meant striking a delicate balance for the choreography between camera and the action.

Ecover Feeling Good - Annex Films UK

Shooting an ecological brand always sets itself with its own unique set of challenges. As Ecover is made entirely from plant based and mineral ingredients we were set the task of finding as many natural green and environmentally friendly locations as the commercial demanded. We then had to find people who fitted those locations and who had the personality to clean various surfaces in a fun way. The resulting commercial which was a huge amount of fun to produce was directed by Karen Lamond and produced by Fred Robinson of Annex Films in London.


What do you do when you are faced with the task of shooting some ten or more locations in the space of two days on a strict budget.
The answer is of course you go like Hell, and with the back up of a great team, the impossible becomes possible.
One of course always has to take into consideration the creative elements that are necessary to give the required end result.
Titanbet achieved all this and maybe a little more.